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T-Box Package
With the all-in-one T-Box, a pre-configured TimeTec Web will be setup and shipped to you in a small form factor hardware. No more worries about setup!!
Efficient Branch Management
TimeTec web is suitable for companies with multiple branches, as attendance data can be simply centralized under one account and viewed by the headquarters.
Clocking Schedules
Provides daily, weekly, and flexible clocking schedules to support normal, overnight and multiple shifts configuration.
Various Platforms
One user license can be accessed on 3 different platforms: terminal check-in, mobile check-in from smartphones, and web check-in from your PC. Versatility is the key
Report Generation
With 26 pre-configured reports available on TimeTec web, all you have to do is choose one that is suitable for your department, and hit “Print”.
Various Export Formats
Whether you prefer your reports to be saved in .pdf, .xls, .doc, .rtf or .html format, TimeTec web provides it all!
Third Party Integration
Have another system that you wish to integrate? TimeTec web has an open architecture, enabling it integrate time and attendance information with your existing system smoothly.
Access Data Anywhere
The mobile app, TimeTec web allows you to clock-in, check attendance history, and generate reports, all while you’re on-the-go!
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Terminal Setup Terminal Grouping Terminal Raw Data Management
Offers easy setup of multiple terminals from one centralized system.
Group the terminals for easy management and reference.
Provides the feasibility to check, trace or export the terminal raw data.
User Profile User's Terminal Identity User Access Right
Provides a user friendly interface to manage thousands of users profile details.
Management of user's terminal identity such as username, privilege, password, fingerprint or face and etc.
Administrators can monitor current attendance reporting or door access records of every user from the same page.
Attendance Sheet Clocking Schedules Duty Roster
Users' attendance records are available for editing and viewing by user and authorized administrators.
Provides daily, weekly, and flexible clocking schedules to support normal, overnight and multiple shifts configuration.
Able to configure individual or group duty roster with the calendar based user interface.
26 Preconfigured Reports Multiple Filter Options Save and Share Reports Into Various Reports
Provides 26 preconfigured combinations of details, summary, listing and analysis reports.
Multiple filter options are provided to meet diverse needs.
Save Reports Into Various Format Able to save the generated reports into various formats like pdf, xls, doc, rtf and html formats for printing and for integration purposes.
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