Brochure User Manual
User Management
The InfoManager is a simple software application for organizations to manage user data information and user fingerprint templates.
Verify Identity Easily
With the InfoManager, you can have a basic station for you to verify your staff’s identity for high security procedures (eg: collection of paycheck or pettycash).
Mifare Enrolling Station
With a Mifare Card Writer, create the perfect Mifare enrolling station for offices using FingerTec Mifare devices. Also, use the InfoManager to erase, edit and troubleshoot Mifare Cards.
Simple Installation
With just 2 simple components to install, the InfoManager is easy to setup, use, and manage.
Windows Compatible
The InfoManager is compatible and can be used with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
User Friendly
The InfoManager is simple and straightforward. With only basic key features for you to use, the program is easy to understand and navigate.
A Solution at No Cost!
FingerTec InfoManager is free and can be obtained online on our resources page, and is also packaged with each Mifare Card Writer and OFIS Scanner.
Seamless Integration
The infoManager is designed to seamlessly integrate with FingerTec OFIS-X and OFIS-Y scanner, as well as FingerTec Mifare Card Writer.
System Communication
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Simple User Management
With the InfoManager, user data is arranged in a comprehensive manner, complete with the option of including a User ID photo
  Easy Search Function
When managing a quantity of users, search for particular users easily from the search box. You may also drag and drop columns to arrange the order of the data to your preference.
  On-screen Guide
Enrolling fingerprints is easy with the InfoManager on-screen step-by-step instructions, accompanied with a display of the fingerprint image to guide users, for a better verification.
  Mifare Enrolling Station   Verification Steps
With a Mifare Card Writer, use the InfoManager to enroll, erase and edit Mifare Cards easily while being guided by on-screen instructions.
The InfoManager guides users with the on-screen instructions when verifying with the Mifare Card Writer. User-friendliness is its core.