FingerTec News 05/08/2015
Ingress Mobile App Facelift
Not just another makeover
Ingress Mobile is the mobile version of the Ingress software for access control management. If you are using Ingress software as your door access management software, it’s only appropriate that you experience Ingress Mobile as a complementary app to streamline your job.

Ingress Mobile App has gone through constant development within these past few months with absolutely amazing results. While previously it only had a simple door-monitoring feature, in the upcoming new version, Ingress Mobile will make managing and monitoring your door access system more comprehensive.

Look forward to these improvements and more!
User Movement
Under the User Movement feature, you will be able to monitor In and Out time of your employees through a display of the User ID’s (employees’ designated number), the door accessed and the corresponding time. A more detailed data display is included in the Event Log feature, which shows the time and date, device, door name, event, and User ID. You can also use the filter option to find data on a particular user or time.
Enroll User
The Enroll User feature allows system administrators to enrol a user to the selected door and the respective devices. With phones that feature fingerprint identification, enrolling users can now be done remotely by recording the fingerprint and Finger Index, assigning the device and User ID. This data can later be uploaded to the Ingress software and also transferred to the corresponding device itself.
Users with an EpiCamera subscription can incorporate it with the Ingress software by connecting to the EpiCamera server and add the selected IP cameras into the system. Now users will no longer have to use separate mobile apps to view both EpiCamera and Ingress; all can be done in one app.
Under the Settings feature, users will be able to enable the notification sound, setup an automatic sign-out, change DNS and port number, set the time and date format and toggle with status display for disabled doors. Users can gain the Apps’ name, version, mobile device model, and operating system version.
Ingress Mobile app lets you check on your premise’s status with nothing gets lost in translations, everything can be viewed in real time through your mobile gadgets. It’s been FingerTec’s goal to heighten user experience and we’ll deliver just that to our customers with Ingress Mobile app.

The Ingress mobile app has gone a long way from a simple monitoring app to one that allows configurations, enrolment and integration. The new version of Ingress Mobile is expected to launch in September, so get ready. In the meantime, head over to Play Store if you are using Android devices or App Store for Apple products and search for Ingress Mobile app.

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