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Ingress Mobile Apps
Ingress Mobile is a mobile application that links your mobile device to the Ingress server. It is available to download from Google Play and Apple App Store. This is a must-have app for security managers to monitor the entire system remotely.
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Features and Functions of Ingress Mobile:
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Remotely check entire access control system.
Use the apps to filter and view employee data, such as who are in and out via specific doors in your company. You can keep an eye to those restricted areas without sitting in front of the Ingress server from time to time. Furthermore, you can even determine an employee’s location by checking their IN-OUT records.
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Alert notification receiver in case of emergency
The app works as a notification receiver during emergencies, such as door is not closed, door forced open, alarm triggered, etc. The Ingress server sends a PUSH notification to your mobile as an alert to make sure you never miss any emergencies.
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Multiple administrators
You can allow multiple administrators to install the app to link up to the same Ingress server. This is most convenient when a security manager is off-duty, as another person can then take over the monitoring and checking jobs easily by accessing the app.