The release of our newest biometric face recognition device was one of the most memorable events of 2010, especially since our business focused on fingerprint verification for all this time. With the Face ID 2, verification is hassle-less as all you have to do is verify your attendance with a glance – no contact needed.
Previously, FingerTec’s colour terminals could contain 1,500 user templates and 12,000 transaction logs, perfect for a small to medium enterprises. However, we had received inquiries from some companies with a larger requirement for their larger headcount. As a result, now all colour FingerTec terminals are able to hold 12,000 templates, and are able to store a total of 200,000 transaction logs!
Uniquely set aside from our other biometric devices, the FingerTec TA300 is a desktop time attendance model. It’s a standalone unit designed to be placed on a flat surface such as a table or a counter, and is perfect for smaller sized businesses, or even tuition centers and so on. The TA300, although just released this year, has risen to be one of the Top 10 biometric models sold by FingerTec.
In our efforts to promote FingerTec and its business, FingerTec recently launched a contest several months back which was the FingerTec Tagline Contest. To enter this contest, you would have had to first join our FingerTec Page on Facebook, and proceed to our online form to submit a tagline. The top 10 taglines were then posted up on Facebook, and the Tagline with the most ‘likes’ will win the grand prize and so on. The contest turned out to be a hit with over 300 tagline submissions, and over 400 “like” voters on Facebook. We would like to thank everyone for making this contest a success.
An upgrade from the AC100 model, FingerTec AC100C was launched sometime in the second half of this year. The AC100C has a little more features than the AC100 such as full colour TFT screen, USB flashdisk port for easy data management, and 12,000 fingerprint user templates. With the AC100C, users can have more variety and choice when implementing a time attendance system in their organization.
Khaleque Group of Industries in Bangladesh, which possesses one of the largest garment factories in the country, had taken on a major attendance automation change by installing not fifty or hundred, but a 170 units of FingerTec TA103R for their garment factory staff in Bangladesh. As one of FingerTec’s largest installations, we look at this as an anchor mark as the beginning of a great branding image for our FingerTec partner in Bangladesh, General Automation Ltd.
In February 2010, we have introduced FingerTec Distributor Business Guidebook for our distributors around the world. The Guidebook contains all you need to know about doing biometrics business the FingerTec way. The objective of the guidebook is to facilitate distributors in developing their local market the most effective way by tapping on FingerTec resources and distribution system. The guidebook covers every part of the business to increase sales, improve cash flow and reduce costs. A total of 14 chapters presented covering from preparation stage to Marketing to Logistics until monitoring and checkpoints.
Venezuela’s Administrative Service for Identification and Immigration demonstrates their trust in FingerTec and its system by implementing FingerTec’s solutions. As international airports are one of the busiest places in the world, every step should be taken to ensure the security of the area is never compromised. This was achieved by installing several units of Q2i to their turnstiles located in the airports. The system was to keep track of those entering and exiting the Venezuelan land. Since their initial installation in June ’10, the Venezuelan authorities have seen the promising results of FingerTec solutions, and have since placed an order for around 100 more units to completely implement the system.
FingerTec’s End-User website went through a makeover! If you don’t already know, FingerTec runs a website specially for its End-Users with features such as support, manual downloads, warranty registration and so on. The End-User website has now been modified in its looks and layout, however, and is more user-friendly, colourful, and has a simple to understand layout! Check out our revamped website by clicking here.
The FingerTec team went to the land of Kimchi this year for their annual company trip! Korea proved to be a wise choice to visit this time of the year as it is just the ending of the autumn season, and the beginning of winter, which in other words is a time of beautiful foliage with an experience of breezy and cold weather. Read more about FingerTec’s Korean experience in the FingerTectivity section of this month!
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