(by Ms Tamy Phoon, International Sales and Marketing Asst. Manager, FingerTec Worldwide)
If you happen to walk into a McDonald's outlet in Jordan, you will now notice that you are not only greeted by their friendly staff, but also by our FingerTec TA102 device!

McDonald's in Jordan was looking for a more systematic and modern way of getting the working hours report of their staff. As they had both part time and full time workers in their vicinity, they needed a system that can collect and compute clock in and clock out times of these two groups of workers. After a brief research of time attendance systems, McDonald's then selected FingerTec’s system as the most suitable system for their environment.

FingerTec’s reseller in the country, Euro Jordan Trading Co. worked with the McDonald's franchise to implement the time attendance system in their fast food outlet. They started off with installing FingerTec TA102 in 3 branches first, and are currently continuing their installations till they reach their targeted 20 branches. When completed, the attendance information from each of these branches will be then sent to their headquarters office in Amman, to be processed by their Payroll department.

McDonald's in Jordan are confident of using FingerTec’s system, as they have received many recommendations and good feedback from other clients of Euro Jordan Trading Co. Congratulations to Euro Jordan Trading for acquiring such a prestigious company as their clients!

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