Newsletter February '18  
News Highlights
 TimeTec Adopts Pardot for
A More Effective Marketing
   i-Neighbour: Pen Testing Highlights     
   Access BLE-16 and BLE-2                   
   Sizzling Interest in TimeTec Cloud Solutions in Dubai
   Homeworking Option for the IT Industry: Do it Smartly
   Get Your Ang Pow Packets!             
Global News
 LeasePlan Emirates Deploys FingerTec For Access Control
 TimeTec Partaking at TAPA 2018
Hong Kong
 SPCA Hong Kong Stepping-Up Productivity With TimeTec
 Surakarta Timing With FingerTec
 FingerTec at Employer Payroll Obligation and Income Tax Planning 2018
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We Blog
 Discover the Easy Ways to Tackle Employee Leave
 Curbing Sick Leave Exploitation
Tech Tips
 Notify Staffs on Roster Changes with TimeTec TA Roster Notification
 New Dashboard For TimeTec TA Users
 Common Issues in TCMS V3 / Ingress Software After Database Migration
 Improved Face ID 2 FMM Simplifies Face Registration Process For Users with Glasses
 Reset TCMS V3 and Ingress mdb for a New Database
 6 Things You Need to Know About Ingress MySQL Database
 TCMS V3 Release Note v2.1.3.7
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