R2s – R2 with UPEK scanner
FingerTec is pleased to introduce R2s – R2 with UPEK scanner targeting clients who require heavy-duty yet highly sensitivity scanner for robust environment. R2s is available for order now! For more information about UPEK scanner, click on the link. For further enquiry, contact info@fingertec.com
UPEK® TCS1 Scanner for FingerTec® Readers

The UPEK® TCS1 scanner is a CMOS active capacitive pixel-sensing sensor. TCS1 is a touch sensor offering an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, ideal for multi-user applications such as at point-of-sale terminals or enrollment stations. The UPEK® TCS1 offers the best image quality of any silicon sensor in the market in a compact, easy to integrate package. 
FingerTec® readers with UPEK® TSC1 sensor can overcome “difficult to scan fingerprint” problem. The sensor scans the live skin layer (the inner layer) regardless of the blur physical skin layer. The large sensing area and high definition sensor is able to capture the highest quality of fingerprint images, thus reducing the response time interval during verification process. Furthermore the scanner has low power consumption during operation, prolong the battery standby time during power failure.

The FingerTec® models which can support the UPEK TSC1 sensor include M2, R2, iKiosk 100, iKiosk 100 Plus, AC800 Plus, AC100 Plus, TA100, and AC100.
  The benefits of the UPEK® TCS1 Scanner:
High definition sensing UPEK high definition sensing captures the highest quality images for secure authentication and convenient user experience.
Capacitive Sensing UPEK sensors measure feedback capacitance determined by the presence of 3-dimensional ridges and valleys of a fingerprint.
Active Pixel Sensing Each pixel has its own amplifier for crisp, detailed images.
Live Layer Sensing UPEK sensors sense both the surface and the subsurface, or “live layer”, of the skin.
Large Image Area UPEK sensors scan larger finger areas to enable more accurate authentication and a more accommodating user experience.
Rugged High sensitivity pixels enable the use of a hard protective coating and the ability to withstand high levels of electrostatic discharge (ESD) for long, trouble-free operation.
Minutiae algorithm UPEK algorithms extract unique features called “minutiae” from the fingerprint image. Minutia-based matching preserves privacy and minimizes the information that must be stored or transmitted. It is not possible to recreate a fingerprint from the minutia data.
Digital ID Hardware Engine UPEK’s Digital ID Hardware Engine is a secure processing environment for all biometric operations. Using secure processing protects privacy and insures that biometric results are trustworthy, secure, and accurate. All critical processing is protected from hackers, software viruses and other malware.
Protective Coating To protect sensor from chemical and environment elements and ESD.
  The Technical specification of UPEK® TCS1 Scanner:
High performance
Technology CMOS active capacitive pixel-sensing
Image resolution 508 DPI
Grayscale image depth full 8-bit
Acquisition speed 14 frames/second
Interface 8-bit parallel port
Efficient power management
Power supply 4.5V nominal
Power consumption
Imaging 20mA
Sleep 70uA
Average power consumption 3.6 mW/h (10 touches/hour)
Compact form factor
Package Size 20.4 x 27 x 3.5 mm
Connector / package 20-pin flex connector
Active sensing area 12.8 x 18.0 mm
Pixel array size 256 x 360 pixels
ESD Protection IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 ± 15kV
Operating Temperature -30°C to +85°C
Protective Coating > 2 million touches
Lead-free package ROHS compliant
Humidity 5% to 93% RH @ 30°C
  Web site listings with the TCS1 certifications:
FIPS 201 Certified
PIV Single Finger Capture Devices category
GSA Approved
Single Fingerprint Capture Device category
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