FingerTec Application Solutions Series - Telecommunication Service Providers
( by Elvis Law, Sales Manager, FingerTec Hong Kong )

Effectiveness of communication over the Internet is up for no debate and majority of SMEs and enterprises are relying on it for internal and external communications. Not only that it is real-time and instant but also it is cost effective particularly for a company dealing with international clients. Due to these factors, having a data centre has becoming crucial for most companies, almost compulsory in order to thrive and compete in today’s business world. It is crucial in providing company with secure network storage and data communication infrastructure available to the corporate customers to develop their online business and global communication systems. Extremely critical online system and critical data storage are hosted inside the centre to facilitate online communications. Judging the importance of the data centre, it is evident that security level for the centre must be strengthened to its maximum.

NTT, one of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers is developing a new data centre in Hong Kong since 2007 and one of the key objectives is to provide the most secure environment to prevent any unauthorized access to the customer assets.

The followings are their requirements on access control system:
Installation environment:
1. Each door is guarded by a pair of In & Out access control authentication device
2. Inter-locking mechanism is operated in a key ENTRY / EXIT tunnel
3. A cage for a group of servers is guarded by an access control authentication device
Access control unit requirement:
1. Standalone fingerprint authentication device
2. Onboard TCP/IP support to ensure fast and reliable network communication
3. Multi-factors authentication support: Mi-fare card + fingerprint + password
4. Transaction report can be exported in expected user defined format
5. Auto Time synchronization mechanism can be provided to unify all clocks in different units
6. Central fingerprint management
7. Door overtime opened alert
8. Auto data download and full system backup
9. Able to support and manage more than 300 units
10. Offline USB data management on transaction and fingerprint template
11. Wiegand 26bit output to work with reputed controllers. E.g SIMENS controller

NTT had been using FingerTec AC802 Plus MC, the most advanced model fingerprint device available at that time, since early 2007 until early 2009. More than 60 units were installed according to the scenario mentioned above. One of the most secure requirements was they required user’s fingerprints to be stored into a mi-fare card and no fingerprints were stored in the device to ensure easy and secured way for multi-factor authentications. The cards were distributed amongst the employees and the authorized representatives.

NTT also offers an excellent business package designs that is highly appreciated by its customers. The design offers optional package to the customers who are keen to install


separate fingerprint device to guard access control of the cage area under the customer’s management. As a result, the customers manage to restrict access and check the transaction records for specific areas. The designs also help NTT to generate extra revenue for selling the systems to the customers.

As the business grew much faster than NTT had anticipated, NTT is developing the new phase area in the fastest way to fulfill the market demand. They have selected R2 MC and Q2i MC as the new models for this new development. The devices required are expected to be approximately 300 units for the whole project development.

Advantages of FingerTec to NTT:
1. Fingerprint templates can be stored inside a mi-fare card for authentication, providing fast and secure multi-factor authentication
2. Standalone design with Wiegand 26 bits output provide flexible implementation model to work with or without controller
3. Central, flexible and automatic TCMS V2 helps the users to manage the system easily
4. Different new models, which are compatible with the old models, smoothen implementation for those who want to enjoy the benefit of the new features
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