FingerTec Application Solutions Series -
Foreign Workers Management System
( by Henry Pang, Product Development Manager )
The Challenges
Professional and semi-skilled foreign workers are important in many sectors of various industries. Some agencies recruit and train foreign workers for certain skills. These agencies assign the foreign workers to factories, companies or domestic as contract workers or part time workers according to their skills, abilities and knowledge.

Management of large number of foreign workers in an agency is a challenge due to many issues. Including the expiry date of passport and working permit, the levy payment, deduction of their salary for levy or loan, the companies they working for and etc. In addition, administrators of agencies are not handy with these employees’ basic information such as names, nationalities etc, which could cause a lot of difficulties in administration works.

Due to variety of nationalities involved, administrator can identify these workers by their working pass, passport, working permit and etc. Loss, damage or incorrect information of these important documents can cause very serious impact to the foreigners. However, checking of these documents is a time-consuming task.

The same challenge goes to factories or companies that hire many foreigners. Due to the difference of nationally, human resource officer must separate the calculations and filing of the foreigners from the local employees.

The Solutions
Biometrics system is a convenient system to overcome this problem, where administrator can identity the foreign workers by the use of biometrics. To do this, all foreign workers need to do is to enroll their fingerprints or face into the system, followed by administrator filling out their basic information. All of this information will be stored in a database. During verification process, a scan of a finger or a face can identify the identity of the foreign worker.

Administrators also can use biometric solution to search for information about these workers; restriction is imposed on the administrators where they need to use their biometrics to enter the database. The biometric system provides flexibility to search information of the foreign workers. This is able to smoothen administration workflow and improve human resource management. This system also could be programmed to alert administrator before expiry dates of important documents for foreign workers for example passport, levy, working permit and etc.

The Objectives:
1. To use biometrics system to store foreign workers’ biometrics such as fingerprint and face as well as their details into a centralized system.
2. To enable administrators to access the database of foreign workers for better management.
3. To alert administrator in important cases such as the expiry date of passports or working permits of every foreign workers during a predefined period.
Technology Characteristics of FingerTec Solution
The Hardware & Software
The biometric system as described above can be achieved with OFIS scanner and FingerTec® Foreign Worker Info Manager software. The FingerTec® Foreign Worker Info Manager has to be installed into a PC attached with OFIS scanner as an enrollment station.
The Enrollment of Foreign Workers
All new foreign workers must enroll their fingerprints into the Foreign Worker Info Manager. The enrollment must be done using an OFIS scanner attached to the PC. During enrollment, he/she is assigned with a User ID or his/her employee ID in the agency. Administrator must insert all of his/her information into the corresponding fields. All of the information is important for future reference.
In the User information page, administrator can fill in the following information:
Fields Information
Employee ID The ID of the worker as assigned.
Name The actual name of the worker.
Passport number Passport number of the worker.
Country Origin country of the worker.
Passport expiry date Expiry date of the worker’s passport.
Gender Gender of the worker.
Date of birth Date of birth of the worker.
Place of birth Place of birth of the worker.
Date of Arrival Arrival date of the worker to company.
Permit expiry date Expiry date of the worker’s permit.
Salary deduction for loan Amount of salary deduction for loan. 
Salary deduction for levy Amount of salary deduction for levy.
Employer name The name of employer to the worker.
Sub contractor The name of sub contractor of the worker. 
Photo To display photo of the worker.
The Verification of Foreign Workers
The verification of foreign workers is easy by using the OFIS scanner and FingerTec® Foreign Worker Info Manager software.
If the foreign worker is not enrolled into the system, administrator will see the message as below, instead of the user information.
Checking & Alert of Information of Foreign Worker
The FingerTec® Foreign Worker Info Manager allows administrator to check or seek for the information of foreign workers. Administrator can search user information as below.
Fields Information
Full text search To search worker by any text related to the user, example the origin country.
Employee ID To search worker by his/her employee ID.
Name To search worker by his/her name.
Passport expiry date To search worker by his/her passport expiry date.
Date of birth To search worker by his/her birthday.
Date of Arrival To search worker by his/her arrival date.
Permit expiry date To search worker by his/her expiry date of permit.
The system will alert administrator before expiry of working permit or passport of the foreign workers. Administrator can configure the time period of alert before expiry i.e. 30 days before expiry.
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