Fast food restaurant workers are usually paid by the hour and their work time is scheduled using shifts. The main advantage of using FingerTec fingerprint time attendance system is the ability to confirm that no ‘buddy-punching’, where a fellow colleague punches in for the absent or late colleague, is going on amongst the employees and no dishonesty occurs. How is this achieved by using FingerTec system? Fingerprint technology is developed based on uniqueness of individual fingerprints and the assumption that no two fingerprints are alike. Therefore, an employee will not be able to cheat his work hours, as physical attendance is required during check-in, check-out, lunch-in, lunch-out, etc. Each employee’s working hours are measured effectively with FingerTec system, and payroll calculation is based on accurate time attendance reporting by the system.
To make the system challenge-proof, the FingerTec terminals are linkable to thermal printer for receipt printing, where employees are required to present proof of attendance if there’s any challenge by the management. The FingerTec fingerprint system also frees the employer from the burden of having to prepare attendance cards for each new employee, and it frees the employee from having to attach to any token e.g. punch card or swipe card.

The combination of precision and convenience makes FingerTec a perfect system for fast food chain restaurants and the management would only pay for the work done, no more, no less.

The major components of the solution provided by FingerTec would include monitoring of the employees via the intranet and the Internet. FingerTec’s system is bundled with a comprehensive time attendance software, the TCMS V2 which can be linked to 999 units of FingerTec terminals. The TCMS V2 is rich with useful time attendance features i.e. rotating duty rosters, shift scheduling, and management of time clocking activities. All the attendance data can be transferred to the TCMS V2 instantly over IP connection to the management located at the headquarters for further analysis such as payroll processing. Managers and staff at local branch can view attendance via TCMS V2 WebViewer in intranet and Internet environment for verification of attendance. Export of attendance data to third party payroll system can be seamlessly implemented with FingerTec system. The solution helps in reducing labor cost as well as the internal processes required at the end of each month for better operation.
With FingerTec’s system, workers understand honesty. Management is able to control employees without having to do much. The rule is simple, no fingerprint, no attendance, no pay. It takes almost no effort for a staff to verify his identity and once this practice becomes a norm in the workplace, attendance control will be just a breeze for the management.

FingerTec also comes with additional features that allow end users to customize and integrate their own rules and regulation into the fingerprint system. A good attendance system is one that doesn’t require you to make many changes to your existing one. If you require your staff to report when they are going out to make a delivery, for example, our simple and efficient workcodes feature lets them do that by just punching a two digit code in the terminal before zooming off to their destination. These features, among others, make monitoring and controlling the actions of their staff simple and effortless.

For these reasons, FingerTec time attendance solutions have been installed in McDonald’s outlets around Jordan, KFC outlets around South Africa, Dragon-I restaurants in Malaysia. Of course, it does not hurt that our installers are well informed of the system to provide rather sound and sufficient training to our end users so that they are able to work the system by themselves. So if you’re looking for a system that can fulfill all the needs of a restaurant / dining / fast food chain outlet, FingerTec’s solutions is your answer.
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