Newsletter March '18  
News Highlights
 FingerTec QR110,
Access Doors with QR Code via Smartphone!
   i-Neighbour in Focus Malaysia
   i-Neighbour is Active at Alam Sutera Residence
   1st Residence, First To Experience i-Neighbour in Perak
   TimeTec Patrol Stopping Real Threats with Real-Time
Global News
 citrussTV Switches Over To Biometrics
 National Assembly of Mauritius Deploys R2 for Extra Security
 Atma Jaya Adding Security With FingerTec
 Salvo Grima Monitors Workforce through TimeTec TA
 TimeTec Patrol Guards Palmiera Residence
TimeTec Starting 2018
By Giving Back
We Blog
 Multimodal Biometrics: Luxury x Complementary
 Role of Line Managers in Absence Management
Tech Tips
 How to Change User Privilege in FingerTec Devices via TimeTec TA
 Assigning Group Admin for Each Terminal Group in TimeTec TA to Secure and Manage FingerTec Devices
 Keeping Your Team Together with TimeTec Profile
 How to Apply, View or Cancel Your Leaves in TimeTec Leave via Web
 How to Better Use Features Available in Flexi Schedule to Benefit Your Business
 5 Precautions to Take Before Installing EM Locks
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