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Jordan Schools and Factories Installed with FingerTec
In the past month, Euro Jordan, FingerTec’s successful reseller in Jordan, managed to close a couple of deals and install FingerTec in several well-known buildings around the country.
The month began with an installation of FingerTec TA100C in a local girls school called the Rosary Sisters School. The school has a total of 4 branches all over Jordan, but the first installation took place in the Marj Elhamam branch as a trial run. Not long after, the other branches followed suit with installations of several other FingerTec time attendance models. Each branch has its own independent administrative management, which eliminated the need of the branches to link up their systems. The following units were installed in the 4 branches of the schools:
1 unit of TA102 at the Mesdar branch
4 units of AC100 plus at the Marj ElHamam branch
4 units of AC100 plus at the Shmeisani branch
3 units of TA100C at the Jabal Amman branch
With the completion of the school installation, Euro Jordan then received another request for biometrics for the company called Ronesca. Ronesca is a French company that specializes in nutritional feeding products for infants and expecting mothers, and has headquarters located in Jordan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.
The branch in Jordan contacted us as they required an access control system complete with an automated door. Euro Jordan took this opportunity to suggest FingerTec’s quick-selling access control model, the Q2i, along with a GEZE automatic door supplied by Euro Jordan. One of the important requirements for Ronesca is the ability for the hardware to connect to their payroll and HR system, and because of this, the FingerTec reseller conducted a training session, The Q2i unit at Ronesca teaching the relevant staff how to connect, manage and integrate the system with a third party software using the SDK.

Both the clients were satisfied with their system especially when it came to managing the terminals via the TCMS V2 software. With the current installations in place, hopefully word about FingerTec can be spread more rapidly to bring forward the brand as a leading one in the Jordanian market.

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