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Onward Paper Mill Marches Onward
to an Effective Solution from FingerTec
By Mr. Curtis Tan, Sales Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
Exterior of Onward Paper Mill Plc.
Onward Paper Mill Plc. (OPM) is a leading name in the paper/print product manufacturing sector. Based in Nigeria and established since 1972, the company is known for the introduction of latest technologies and innovations in their field and has thus enabled its customers to keep up with the pace of the evolving world. Some of their products include general and customized paper stationary to print items for PR and marketing communications, light packaging and labels for pharmaceutical industries, transactional documents, money binders for banks, magazines, journals and much more.
Some of OPM’s range of products
Recently, OPM has had difficulties as their HR manager labored in managing. the time schedule of their large number of employees. Cases of buddy punching have also been revealed with some of their employees claiming overtime pay despite not even coming to work sometimes. OPM’s HR manager would then engage in a meeting with Loyalty Technologies, a FingerTec reseller based in Nigeria, and they suggested to deploy our terminals in their office. The terminal recommended was FingerTec i-Kiosk 100, an effective terminal featuring a colorful LCD display that will manage OPM employees’ time management. The terminal was a success for the company. Within a few months after its deployment, i-Kiosk 100 had helped to save the company hundreds of thousands of Nigerian naira and efficiently manage OPM’s employees’ time attendance.
FingerTec i-Kiosk 100
Loyalty Technologies Integrated Global Limited has been a part of the FingerTec family for some time now. They have played an important role in marketing and distributing our products in Nigeria, as well as assisting in the installations of our terminals at their clients’ premises. Having gained favorable reviews from its clients, Loyalty Technologies continues to thrust forward in providing companies with solutions in managing time attendance and access control.
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