Newsletter October '18  
News Highlights
 Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) - Security Made Smarter
   TimeTec Invites You To ISAF 2018
    The Robust TimeTec RD68 For Smart Patrol
   Secure Mobile Access With TimeTec BLE-5
   Bigger, Better Face ID X          
Global News
 Dynamic Guardforce Fixes Safety Via TimeTec Patrol
 PappaRich Surfing To New Heights With TimeTec TA
 Patisen Priming FingerTec For Workforce Efficiency
 TRANSEMIRATES Building Security With H2i
 Putra Hill Picks i-Neighbour For Smart Living
We Blog
 How Does Biometrics Fare Going Forward?
 Modern Companies Need to Switch to Cloud-Based Guard Monitoring & This is Why!
Tech Tips
 Handy Tips To Know Before Buying A Smart Lock TL-40B
 How To Change Unlock Option In TimeTec Security
 How To Configure ‘Overtime Only After’ Feature in TimeTec TA
 How to configure Email Notification for Approved Leave and Holiday in TimeTec Leave
 TimeTec TA - How to Assign Division in Clocking Schedule
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