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Bigger, Better Face ID X
FingerTec News | 05/10/2018
The new Face ID X is FingerTec most powerful facial recognition biometrics solution that offers you total convenience and security for your workforce management. Outfitted with two types of advanced biometrics technologies with dual cameras, 1.2GHz Dual Core Microprocessor and more, Face ID X is more than capable of providing a swift and accurate identity verification.

What separates this device from the other products is that other than the 4 versatile clocking options included (Face, Fingerprint, Card, Password), Face ID X also supports a massive storage capacity of 30K face templates, 50K fingerprint templates, 10K card templates and a monumental 1 million transaction data at any given time; effectively making it a next level face recognition machine.

If speed is what you’re looking for, Face ID X only takes 30 seconds for a registration, less than 2 seconds for a face verification and less than 1 second for a fingerprint verification; comparable with just a blink of an eye. For future proofing, it even comes packed with the sophisticated PUSH Technology that ensures its compatibility with cloud-based solution such as TimeTec TA.

All in all, Face ID X represents the next step within the biometrics field. At FingerTec, we make things easy by offering you innovations that apply the latest technology available in this modern era. Get to know more about FingerTec Face ID X and discover its numerous features by clicking on the link below.

Face ID X