If you’re already getting excited over the release of FingerTec’s online time attendance software, the TimeTec, you’ll be even more pleased to hear of our latest venture – TimeTec Mobile!

In today’s world, to keep up with the flow, means you’ve got to constantly be on the go. The word business is often associated with endless travelling, and more companies are starting to give their employees an option of working from home or other flexible options.

This is the reason we’ve created TimeTec Mobile. The application allows you to clock in your attendance from any remote area, check your attendance history, and print out your attendance sheet all from one application. Remote clock-ins are accompanied by a GPS location, enabling the employer to track their staff’s movement and activity. All the users have to do is log in to their application using a username and password set in the TimeTec server, and they can then clock-in their attendance, view their attendance history, and even check their GPS location.
No internet connection? TimeTec Mobile will then store your clock in information, and your records will automatically be updated to the TimeTec server once you establish an internet connection. The same concept applies if the TimeTec main server is experiencing downtime; the information stored on TimeTec Mobile will be communicated once the server is back up and running.
Its that simple.
TimeTec Mobile is set to be released very soon, along with the TimeTec Web Based software itself. Stay tuned to FingerTec to be the first to know!
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