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The release of OFIS Gateway a few months back marked a benchmark in PC security. OFIS Gateway simplifies PC integration of the fingerprint technology, and was specially designed to utilize your scanner and login to your Windows account. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bits & 64-bits) and Windows 7 (32-bits & 64-bits), OFIS Gateway features do not only stop at fingerprint login, but includes several other fingerprint integration services that you may find useful.
Lets take a look at the features, and how it benefits you as a user.

Using Fingerprint as Your Windows Login

As the subtitle puts it, the OFIS Gateway facilitates the usage of your fingerprint as a replacement to the conventional password login of most Windows operating systems. With this feature, only you will be able to login to the accounts registered under your fingerprint, using your preferred OFIS Scanner.
What this means: If you tend to share your PC with other users, or frequently find yourself logging into your PC in a crowded area, this fingerprint login will come useful as you do not have to worry about anyone guessing your password, or peeping when you are entering it. Only your fingerprint unlocks your account.

Screensaver Resume Login

Almost all PCs users activate their screensaver feature as a power-saving method. With the OFIS Gateway, you are able to configure your account such that when you move your mouse to resume normal operation of your PC, your fingerprint verification will be needed to continue.
What this means: For users who frequently find themselves walking away from their workstations to attend to other matters, he or she can be assured that their PC will now be secured so that only the correct fingerprint verification will enable the PC to resume normal operation.

Web Account Login

When we say web accounts, we mean those dozens of online accounts that you may have existing with the many popular online accounts. From emails to social networks to online shopping accounts, after configuring these websites with your OFIS Gateway application, all you’ll need to do is scan your fingerprint to access them.
What this means: Often find yourself confused, trying all your possible password codes to just enter that one shopping website? Well now you won’t need the hassle of remembering all your possible password combinations. There is only one password: your fingerprint.

File & Folder Encryption

A feature useful to conceal selected files and folders, the OFIS Gateway allows you to encrypt your choice of files with your fingerprint. If you need to access them, just scan your fingerprint and you’re good to go.
What this means: Whether you’re at home concealing unsuitable files from your kids, or at work securing your confidential clientele information, the OFIS Gateway makes sure that only you can access these files once encrypted. No need to get worked up when someone else hops onto your PC for a quick surf of the internet as you know that your important files are secured.

OFIS Scanner Disconnect Safety

As the OFIS Gateway requires either the FingerTec OFIS-X or OFIS-Y to be plugged in for use, the application has a safety feature that locks the PC as soon as the OFIS Scanner is disconnected.
What this means: Sometimes accidents happen which may cause your scanner to disconnect. There is also the possibility that someone trying to intrude into your PC might try to disconnect it intentionally. This feature guards against the latter, insisting on your fingerprint to resume your work.
Like what you’ve read so far? The OFIS Gateway is a complimentary software that comes with the purchase of every FingerTec OFIS-X and OFIS-Y Scanner. Make that step to secure your PC now buy contacting your nearest dealer or by sending us your request below!

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