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1 December, 2008
New ads added!
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1 December, 2008
FingerTec Terminal Functions Update
TA100 DIY languages update
12 December, 2008
TCMS V2 Software update
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1 December, 2008
New TA100 DIY manual!
4 December, 2008
New Q2i video guide!
New TA100 DIYvideo guide!
The Koala has fingerprints that are so similar to the human fingerprint that it is almost impossible to tell them apart because of the pattern, shape and size of the ridges is the same. The main difference is that the entire human palm and fingers are covered with ridges while the koala only has ridges on its fingertips and some parts of the palm.
An old outline, a new chapter - A year without end (forecast in 2009)
We shall complete the year 2008 with a profound sales growth at 75% for FingerTec products. But, how about the coming year when recession
deepened and the globe would be enveloped with a long sigh? Would it be a rough journey for all? Especially when the business...
2008 in review
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. Les Brown was quoted. In the beginning of the year we aimed for the moon and come December, we couldn’t be happier knowing
that we have landed on the moon. And to quote Les Brown one more time, help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. FingerTec® business is indeed a business about helping....
Batyr Komurzoev - International Customer Associate, Russia
FingerTec Worldwide Sdn Bhd is pleased to introduce to all FingerTec resellers around the globe, our new International Customer Associate
New beautiful posters for new FingerTec products
Four more new beautiful posters are added to our marketing material website. When you make your coming orders, please do not forget to ask for it....
Seven Seas Computers won a HD 55" LCD TV !! One more to grab
Tranquil hanoi
Deemed a rising star in Southeast Asia, Hanoi has much to offer the outsiders. The land largely unspoiled by modern development, the capital city of Vietnam presents a fascinating mix of East....
Injection of confidence to Ultra Tech with large installation at Zain
Ultra Tech for Integrated Solutions and Services Co. Ltd, FingerTec Worldwide’s esteemed partner and sole distributor in Sudan recently....
One Bit Technologic’s first installation using FingerTec’s AC900
One Bit Technologic of Peru, a fairly new addition to FingerTec’s roster of resellers in South America, has had their first successful....
FingerTec show support to MATRADE in InTrade Malaysia 2008
FingerTec Worldwide once again took part in InTrade Malaysia 2008. This yearly event organized by the Malaysia....
South Africa
FingerTec - A brand above the rest
As with all markets, FingerTec South Africa faces alot of competition from other biometric product resellers. There are hundreds of agents selling....
January 2009, Dubai, UAE
Once again, FingerTec will be participating in the Intersec 2009, which will be held at Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Center, Dubai, UAE on 18th January 2009 till 20th January 2009. Intersec is the largest Security, Fire, Safety & Health and Police & Homeland security exhibition in the Middle East. Focusing on the 4 main areas, this exhibition allows buyers to navigate the show
April 2009, Taipei, Taiwan
FingerTec will be in Taipei again next year to participate in the SecuTech Expo 2009. The expo will be held on April 22-24, 2009 at the Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan. SecuTech Expo is one of the best security exhibition in Asia. The expo offers the ultimate platform for prominent supplier to showcase the products and solutions, with great business opportunities....
April 2009, Moscow, Russian
As part of its expansion to Russian market, FingerTec will be participating in Moscow International Exhibition (MIPS 2009). It is the 15th international exhibition that will take place on 13-16 April 2009 in Moscow at Expocentr’s Fairgrounds and showcase State-of-the-Art Solutions in the Field of Safety and Security....
CEO - Traveling Mind
There’s no regret
Some friends asked whether I would start the Biometrics business once again if I have the chance to go back to the past.
Marketing Manager - I'm Verified
TA100 DIY launch in Jakarta next month!
Located at the Hotel Peninsula, Jakarta, FingerTec in collaboration with Retailindo Tech
Revisando El Año 2008
Dispara a la luna. Incluso si pierde, se caerá entre las estrellas. Les Brown fue citado. En el comienzo del año nuestro objetivo era para llegar a la luna y en el mes de diciembre, no podríamos estar más feliz sabiendo que hemos aterrizado en la luna. Y para citar a Les Brown una vez más, ayude a otros a alcanzar sus sueños y logrará suyos. Efectivamente FingerTec es un tipo de negocio que ayuda la gente de todo el mundo a empezar su propio negocio biometría. Mientras estamos esperando las perspectivas en 2009, queremos recapitular el año 2008.
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