Re-enroll fingerprint without deleting existing user ID (03/01/07)  
Gross wages report ( 03/01/07)  
Add in OFIS scanner into TCMS V2 (03/01/07)  
TCMS V2 with OFIS scanner (03/01/07)  
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Reseller brochure (12/01/07)  
End User Brochure (12/01/07)  
Multimedia Product Presentation Video (13/02/07)  
Case Study (14/02/07)  
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Do you know that finger sweats?
The sweat from a fingerprint produces a water-based oil that coats the ridges of your prints. So when you make contact with a surface, finger sweat or a fingerprint is left behind.

FingerTec Product Presentation Video- Selling Made Easy!  
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Writing An Effective Project Proposal for FingerTec Products-
A Preliminary Preparation
    We know that preparing for a project proposal is tedious work.....  
  January, 2007  
FingerTec excelled in Intersec Dubai
FingerTec Worldwide Ltd participated in the Intersec 2007.....
  March, 2007  
  FingerTec travels to ISC WEST Las Vegas  
  FingerTec Worldwide Ltd will travel to Las Vegas in March 2007.....  
Fingerprint :Human have used fingerprints for personal identification for a very long time.....  
Biometrics :Any human physiological and/of behavioral characteristic can be used as a biometric characteristic.....  
A Helping Hand
Biometric authentication refers to technologies that measure and analyze human physical and behavioral characteristics for recognition and identification purpose. Such authentication is no longer just for security.....An article from A&S Magazine Jan 2007
Biometrics Gets Down to Business
For many people, "biometrics" conjures up images of a big Brotherish surveillance society. But tell them could save few precious seconds at the supermarket checkout just by waving their fingers over scanner, and.....An article from The Economist Dec 2006
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