10 FAQs for TCMS V2 Software
Q1: I am getting the “Error 169” when I am downloading the clocking data from the USB.
A: Do these 3 simple checklist:
1. Have you done terminal activation? Download of clocking data from the terminal is not possible without the activation process being done prior. Please activate your FingerTec terminal.
2. Is configuration of the terminal ID exactly the same as the device number? To check the device number, follow this instruction:
Press Menu > Option > Comm. Option > Dev. Number.
3. Have the connection in the device is setup been set to USB connection? If not, please do so.

Once you have done the 3 check list but the message still appears, you need to provide the backup database of your USB flash drive file and send it to support@fingertec.com for checking

Q2: When I start up the TCMS V2 software, we can only access to the Exit, Reports, Devices and Fire Rollcall icons. Why is that?
A: When there is no connection established between your PC and the terminal, the other icons will be disabled. If you are using TCP/IP, RS232 or RS485 type of connection, the PC and terminal must be connected to run the full software.
(Provide Command here on how to arrive at the relevant page)
a. Please uncheck “disable” checkbox and click on the “OK” button.
b. If “Process complete” message appears, please click the “Apply” button. After that you may use the software as usual.
c. If “Error 169” message appears, please check the connection between the terminal and the PC.
d. To check the connection between the terminal and the PC, follow the instructions given below:
1. Please go to start button > run > cmd.
2. Ping the terminal IP address. e.g. (ping
3. If there is no connection, please check the terminal IP address.
4. If there is a connection, please make sure that the ID that you configure in TCMS V2 is the same as the device number that you set in the terminal.
(Press Menu > Option > Comm. option > Device number).
Q3: The clocking data does not appear in the Attendance Sheet.
A: Please refer to here for details on common mistakes that caused the data in attendance sheet cannot be viewed. If the problem persists, please provide the backup database, etcom and logs file for us to do the checking.

To backup database:

1. Go to Configuration.
2. Double click Backup/restore database.
3. Select backup database and click the “Apply” button.
4. You will find the backup database in a zip file at the backup folder in the TCMS V2 folder.
Find the atom and logs file in the etcom and logs folder in the TCMS V2 folder.

We also need user IDs, clocking data date and time range that do not appear in the attendance sheet for our reference.

Q4: When downloading the clocking data from the terminal, I get “Sorry, no active terminal or none is selected” message.
A: Please refer solution for scenario 1 at here.
Q5: We need the viewer activation key for the TCMS V2 viewer installation or we can’t find the “Show TCMS V2 Viewer Activation” checker in the TCMSv2.2 as stated in the TCMS V2 viewer manual.
A: Please refer solution for question 1 at here.
Q6: How to import user information in Users?
A: Please refer at here for more details.
Q7: Why are there “false log” in the terminal data audit list?
A: The "False log" is indication that user’s verification which include fingerprint, card or password has been rejected by terminals. With “False Log” data, security managers/officers are able to monitor each terminal from the page and take action when necessary. Please refer to here for more details on this issue.
Q8: When I login to the TCMS V2 software, I can only access to Exit, Attendance, History, Users, Reports, Device, Fire Roll call icons, where are the other icons?
A: Only administrator is permitted to fully access the software.
Q9: Why did the attendance sheet column turn to yellow color?
A: The yellow represents an excused clocking. For example, a user OUT time is 15:30 but the user goes back at 14:30 with a good excuse and the system shows a short of 1 hour. Any modification done on this data or when you double click the OUT column, the column will turn yellow and the short time disappears. It is possible to change the column back to its original data complete with red indicating lateness and short period. Click “Edit” and double click the OUT column followed by clicking the “Apply” button.
Q10: We have several customers that have put their attendance sheets into History and now want to get the records back into the attendance sheet. Is this possible and if so, how?
Yes. It is possible. You will need to purge the attendance sheets at the history attendance before generating the same at the attendance sheet in order to get the records back to the attendance sheet.
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