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Small, Yet Loaded with Capacity
Kadex and m-Kadex can store a whopping total of 30000 users, and 50000 transaction logs.

Combine Your Verification Methods
Opt for a combination of verification methods to secure your workplace further. Choose the card and password verification with the Kadex for tighter security.

Manage Your Data Easily
Administration is easy with the Ingress software application. Ingress allows you to remotely manage door activity of all connected terminals, while containing time attendance functions for attendance monitoring.

Simple Administrator Management & Enrollment
The m-Kadex’s simple outlook is complimented with a simple management system. Just swipe your administrator card to enroll, delete, or reset the terminal.

Value for Money
Mix and match your FingerTec system with m-Kadex to give you more value for your money. Choose Kadex for the main entrance, m-Kadex for other entrances and i-Kadex for exits. Haven’t you wanted options in life?

Manage Your Shift Workers
Kadex and m-Kadex can be programmed with a total of 50 time zones – perfect for companies with shift work.

Built-In Alarm
Increase the security at your workplace by installing an external alarm, and be alerted during unexpected scenarios such as break-ins and fire emergencies.

Easy Data Management
All you need is a USB flash disk to transfer transaction logs to your computer. It is that easy!