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Integrate with Windows- Based Solution
Use the OFIS client with existing Windows-based solutions as a higher level of security login instead of merely passwords which are less reliable.

Password Free
With the amount of online accounts available, remembering passwords can be a hassle. Reduce some burden on your staff by using fingerprints as a password for internal systems.

Manage Your Own Application Securely
With the OFIS Server, you get 6 OFIS clients for you to set up your own application, integrating fingerprint solutions for either security control, or for an online attendance solution.

Integrated Programming Language
OFIS supports the common programming languages such as VB, MS VC++, Delphi, MS ASP, VB.NET, ASP and etc, and comes with several written sample applications.

Centralize Fingerprint Database
Capture the users fingerprints and centralize them in the ODBC compatible database for easy remote identity verification.

Easy Integration
The program face of the OFIS software uses Active X, enabling an easy integration of FingerTec with a third party system.

Precise Recognition
The OFIS uses minutiae matching technology instead of fingerprint image scanning, ensuring that important fingerprint information cannot be stolen and duplicated.

Plug & Play
The OFIS reader is small and portable, much like a desktop mouse which means no more clutter and no more hassle!