Description          Features & Benefits    
Secure Web Account Login
Configure your online accounts in the OFIS Gateway, and never have to use your password again. A simple scan of your finger will suffice.

Screensaver Resume Security
Similar to your password protection that comes on after resuming from a screen saver, OFIS Gateway allows you to configure this login to use fingerprint instead of password as a login.

Windows Compatible
The OFIS Gateway is compatible with most PCs, as it supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32-bit), and Windows 7 (32/64-bit) which has Intel Pentium III 450MHz or above.

Bundled Software
OFIS Gateway is a complimentary software offered by FingerTec, bundled together with the OFIS-X and OFIS-Y scanners. So fingerprint integration is not only easy, it’s free!

File & Folder Encryption
Classified and highly confidential files can now be secured tightly with the file encryption and decryption feature in the OFIS Gateway. Only you can access files which have been secured with your fingerprint.

OFIS Scanner Disconnection Safety
As a safety feature, if anyone tries to disconnect the OFIS scanner to decipher your password instead, your PC can be set to go into a locked-mode, requiring fingerprint verification before continuing.

User-Friendly Management
With the OFIS Gateway Operation Panel, managing and configuring the OFIS Gateway can all be simply done from one window.

24-hour Technical Support
With FingerTec’s Technical Support Team, you won’t have to worry about any difficulties in configuration or management as our team is always there to help you via live chat, email, or TeamViewer.