Description          Features & Benefits    
Download Users, Templates and Logs with Only One Click
Do 3 tasks at once with a click on a button; user information, biometrics templates and transaction logs can be downloaded conveniently.

Simplify Rostering Process with Calendar-Based Duty Roster
Now, with TCMSV2, you can assign group duty rosters via the user-friendly and flexible calendar based interface.

Manage Employees In Batches
Prepare a digital file of employee data in one of these formats: CSV, TXT or XLS, or export the details from your existing payroll/HR software, and import the file to the TCMS V2 to generate your employee details.

Report Attendance with Just A Scan
All you need to do is to scan your finger to report attendance. No need to select a status key anymore.

Lock Old Data in History Feature
Transfer outdated attendance data to History to reduce the burden of data processing and to be used as backup.

Multiple & Flexible Clocking Schedules
TCMS V2 supports a comprehensive weekly, daily, flexi, open schedule and overnight shift based on your preferences.

Database Management Made Simple
Get the daily automatic backup database feature, that also allows you to perform restoration of the database. Simplicity is the key!

Hassle-Free Payroll Integration
Simplify payroll integration by exporting your attendance data from TCMSV2 into your 3rd party payroll provider’s application with just one click.

Real-Time Clocking Data
Link the TCMS V2 with attendance reporting devices and retrieve real-time clocking data constantly.

Keep Abreast with Online Updates
Check and get the latest version of the software with just one click on the online update button. Keep the software up-to date with new features and bugs-fixes.