(by Ms Kartina Azlina, Sales & Marketing Executive, FingerTec Worldwide)
The challenge? To replace the current card swiping system with a fool proof one that allows the management to track and monitor staff attendance using the least effort possible in Pan International Electronics – a prestigious electronics manufacturer in the northern state of Penang responsible for the producing electronic parts for companies such as Sony, Phillips, and many more.
The company approached our reseller Advansys Technology Sdn Bhd for a solution to replace their current system, a barcode reader system, after realizing that the issue of buddy-punching (where one person punches the attendance card of another person) was getting out of hand. Advansys hence proposed that they install FingerTec’s bestselling time attendance system, the TA100 Series.
With several of the units now installed around the company along with a maintenance contract of 2 years, Pan international can now assure that the attendance of the employees are being recorded as they should be, by using the irreplaceable and unique fingerprint instead of using punch cards. As a production factory, it is important to Pan International to be able find a method of monitoring attendance closely, while still keeping the smooth flow of the work processes – and the TCMS V2 does just that. It provides the ease of tracking attendance and processing payroll remotely while keeping the accuracy of the raw attendance data itself.
“FingerTec Products prove to be competitive in the market, has excellent service and customer support, and is equipped with helpful technical staff,” commented Mr. Lim Meng Huat, Business Development Manager of Advansys Technology Sdn Bhd when asked about the reason he suggested FingerTec solutions for the installation.
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