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Beacon and TimeTec TA, A Perfect Duo to Manage Dynamic Workforce for San International
Global News (Middle East)
Saudi Arabia | 05/02/2021
San International Co. Ltd is a Saudi-based brand management company. It is a well-structured corporate engaged in product management, brand management, and customer management. Since its inception, San International Co. Ltd has been a pioneer and well-known for introducing unique brands into the industry.

San International turns to TimeTec TA Smart Attendance (www.timetecta.com) because its office biometrics system cannot monitor the company's moving staff. The Company installed the FingerTec biometrics device in the office for staff to clock in and out. However, whenever the staff work at a store or an outlet, the management cannot trace the attendance data because there is no way to collect the time attendance data with location, especially for sales staff who works out of the office. Besides, to add more biometric device at multiple sites is not a cost-effective move for San International.
Therefore, the best option is to subscribe to TimeTec TA and using beacons as clocking tag.

Beacon is a small tag, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. It is low cost, and compatible with TimeTec TA App, the smart attendance on mobile. All they need to do is install the beacons on all the locations, and when the staff arrives at the site for work, he/she just need to login to TimeTec TA App and taps on the beacon icon to clock for attendance.
With that simple tap, the company gets the attendance data, which can then be processed into meaningful data to assess tardiness, overtime, workhour calculation for payroll, managing shifts and schedules and many more. The attendance data is transferred to TimeTec TA in real-time for the head office to efficiently monitor the staff. Not only that, TimeTec TA consolidates and centralizes all clocking methods and locations for better reference.

With a simple deployment of beacon and TimeTec TA, San International Co. Ltd solves the problem of monitoring its dynamic workforce. TimeTec TA also connects the data from its FingerTec biometrics terminal to get a holistic view of its workforce attendance.
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