CRSE Moves Its Workforce Timekeeping to Cloud
(Colas Rail System Engineering Sdn Bhd)
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Malaysia | 05/10/2020
Incorporated in 2013, Colas Rail System Engineering Sdn Bhd or known as CRSE is a railway contractor that is principally engaged in the provision of project management, engineering design, procurement, construction and related support services concerning railway electrical and mechanical projects.

The nature of CRSE's business requires a hefty portion of its staff to work on the field and at different sites. As such, CRSE demands a system that provides precise and honest staff's attendance data and can monitor the whereabouts of its workforce efficiently. The system is expected to improve process efficiency through process automation and lessen the tasks of HR personnel in managing the workforce and preparing the payroll details.
TimeTec TA is an ideal system for CRSE's requirements
Tracking of field sales and technical staff with GPS clocking on TimeTec TA App
The GPS feature provides accurate location, and a user can attach a selfie, write a remark, upload supporting attachments with the attendance data sent to the superior in charge in real-time.
Edit attendance is made available on TimeTec App for convenience
TimeTec TA's attendance data cannot be easily manipulated. However, staff can request for an edit of their attendance due to unforeseen occurrences such as late clocking due to car breakdown. The superior/approver will receive a push notification on the mobile App for instant approval.
The overtime approval request is available on TimeTec TA App to control overtime cost
Approved overtime is calculated automatically in TimeTec TA with all clocking records in place, simplifying payroll process.
Low initial investment with TimeTec TA
for it requires neither hardware investment nor expensive server installation.
The move of the attendance system to the cloud is timely for CRSE, for now, it can monitor the movements or locations of the field staff conveniently.