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Malaysia | 05/07/2019
Duke Dining Sdn. Bhd. is a food catering & restaurant chain management company in Malaysia that cater to brands such as The Loaf Bakery, Xin Dau Ji the Michelin-starred Hong Kong seafood restaurant and more.

As a company that is in charge of multiple eateries and various dining activities, the major challenge faced by Duke Dining on a daily basis is that their customers’ staffs’ working rosters are almost always not organized or correctly planned. In the food and restaurant business, the presence of workforce is key to smooth operation, and the changing of shifts/roster plus the high staff turnover do not make managing these operations any easier. When the change in shifts/roster is not properly communicated to the operation crew, there were situations when the staff were unaware of their rosters and therefore failed to show up to work. Hence, it had caused the restaurants operation hiccups which jeopardized the overall customer experience. To make matters worse, HR personnel located in the headquarters had no data clue about staff attendance because there were not provided with a proper system to monitor the staff.
Taking a step towards the right direction, Duke Dining decided that it is time for them to time their employees properly. The success of their clients relies on the workforce quality and to deliver success, Duke Dining turns to biometrics for clocking and TimeTec TA for data management. With biometrics device, the company promotes honesty amongst the employee as the FingerTec fingerprint machine such as TA700W requires each staff has to scan his finger on the machine upon arrival, breaks and end of day as proofs of work time. On top, TimeTec TA is added into the equation as an attendance software that can provide the client with real time attendance data and analysis for monitoring purposes.
Each outlet supervisor is made responsible to arrange for staff working roster, which includes drivers, kitchen, bar and floor staff. Using the comprehensive rostering feature in TimeTec TA, supervisor will be able to plan the restaurant’s workforce ahead of time, and change in roster can be done easily and everything will be sorted out properly in a centralized system. What’s more, once the roster has been finalized by the admin, the staff can check on their roster and schedule directly from TimeTec App to confirm their work time and schedules. Furthermore, TimeTec TA also has a monitoring feature that alerts the employer/admin if their key staff haven’t arrived to the restaurant when they are supposed to. Hence, rectification can be sorted out to make sure that the operation is not compromised.
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Besides having an eye on their restaurant clients’ employees, FingerTec and TimeTec TA are also being implemented in Duke Dining headquarters office for their Administration Department, HR, Marketing, and Management.