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FingerTec User ALDO claims TimeTec TA their Efficient Attendance Assistant
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Malaysia | 05/12/2019
A worldwide chain of shoes and accessories stores founded in Montreal, Canada in the year 1972- registered as Aldo. Later was authorized to Montreal Trading Sdn. Bhd as the only Malaysia’s Aldo brand distributor and retailer. Envisioning the growth of this international on-trend fashion footwear and accessories business, Aldo footwear has now a total of 18 retail outlets operating across Malaysia with at least 150 employees within the company.

Despite Aldo Malaysia is pleased in acknowledging its dedicated team who aligns very much with the company’s values and goals, the HR team remains busy or even busier as the businesses grow over time. In fact, this company had implemented FingerTec biometric device TA100C since the year 2017 in all outlets to reinforce the importance of staff attendance. However, some trivials problems in the past have escalated into bigger issues today, such as
  Difficult to centralize all attendance data from all 18 outlets
  Reorganize reports with the data extracted manually from the device on a monthly basis
  Unhandy attendance data readjustment i.e. missed punch, OT verifications, and clock-in/out delay
  End-of-month staff attendance and payroll discrepancies
Being a loyal customer of FingerTec in the past several years, the management has decided to entrust their displeasing circumstances with the implementation of TimeTec TA cloud solution for better attendance management.
Since TimeTec TA was incorporated into their business operation,
they are able to

  Link FingerTec TA100C with the software
  Synchronize data in real-time
  Retrieve data at any time from various outlets seamlessly
  Reliable allowances and travelling mileage claim for payroll calculation
  Allow staff to view roster & attendance from the TimeTec TA mobile app
  No excuses for attendance errors or address any payroll discrepancies
  Grant access for outlet supervisor to plan staff’s weekly shift with accurate display of staff timesheets calculation