i-TimeTec Smart Alarm Can Now Link to TimeTec Patrol
FingerTec News | 05/04/2021
i-TimeTec Smart Alarm is the latest mobile App from TimeTec that controls home alarm systems. Homeowners only need to connect all the sensors to the App, and when something happens and the alarm in your home goes off, the i-TimeTec mobile App will receive instant notification for further action. However, problems usually happen when the tenants are not home, during office hours or over the weekends, and therefore, the immediate inspection of the premises is impossible. To mitigate the problem, TimeTec now has linked the i-TimeTec Smart Alarm to the TimeTec Patrol solution to give an option for better security management.

TimeTec Patrol is a security system for the security company's monitoring of their guards and the patrol activities. So, how does i-TimeTec Smart Alarm relate to TimeTec Patrol? Now, gated guarded residential can link their personal alarm to the community security system like TimeTec Patrol to enhance security to another level.

Once the connection to TimeTec Patrol is established, when the i-TimeTec smart alarm goes off, the security guard will be notified via the TimeTec Patrol and automatically receive a job order to do the following.
Review the home/unit address (provided by the i-TimeTec smart alarm user profile),

Acknowledge receiving the case,

Prepare a report complete with photos and voice notes to return to TimeTec Patrol's and the i-TimeTec smart alarm's account owner.

Please note that if the home alarm is linked to TimeTec Patrol, the notification will be sent both to i-TimeTec and TimeTec Patrol. But, once the checking is completed by guards, a report will be relayed to the homeowner with photos and voice notes from TimeTec Patrol to i-TimeTec for reference.

Having a third eye to look after your family and property is a true upgrade in security quality.

Caution: The residents can only link between i-TimeTec and TimeTec Patrol when both the management and the security company agree to the arrangements.

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