Introducing TimeTec Parking - A Total Parking Solution that Goes Beyond Parking
FingerTec News | 05/11/2020
Over recent years, parking operators are mulling over migrating to cloud-based systems and offering App payment options. Advances in vehicles connectivity, smart infrastructure, and IoT applications are transforming the possibilities in the parking industry. The new technology offers users with improved experience; parking bays are easier to find, and customers have access to the best parking rates. The management, on the other hand, will receive tech and data analysis from the daily operations to formulate better management.
Two major goals for TimeTec Parking:
Work with e-wallet providers and transform them into Multi-tenanted Cloud Parking System total solution providers and to further promote their pay App.
Provide parking operators with an opportunity to keep up with the current technology and supply their patrons with the best solution possible.
TimeTec Parking is Your Preferred Choice
A parking solution involves four major segments:
Frontend access control system
The time and rate management system
The frontend payment system
The backend payment and parking management system
TimeTec Parking benefits e-wallet providers:
  Lower capital investment without investment in pay stations
  Smaller operation and maintenance cost as less hardware involved.
  Lower risk and liability
  Faster adoption with less cabling work
  Improve the profitability of parking bay providers
  Multiple parking locations and operators under one system
  Work 100% with existing barrier gates
  Location-based business integration with merchants and Ads pop up on App
  Edge computing for access control, available online and offline mode
  Bluetooth Low Energy communication, work for all smartphones
  Provide SDK for our hardware, easy for integration.
  Comprehensive backend solution
A total solution provider can provide the best user experience for B2C (Parking users) and B2B (Parking bays owners) in the upcoming cloud parking trends, and TimeTec Parking offers a solution that can take you to another level and beyond.
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