Looking for a device to assist your hotel management? Now FingerTec has proven that it is fit for the job with the latest installation in Euro Hotel Group of Companies.

Euro Hotel Group of Companies owns and manages all the Euro Hotels in the major cities, and several other hotels around Malaysia as well. Euro Hotel is specifically designed to cater to the discerning budget conscious travellers, without compromising on the quality of the services and facilities to ensure the customer gets a relaxing and memorable experience. Managing hotel staff can be a bit of a messy ordeal as to maintain the availability of hotel’s services, there has to be round the clock shift workers on duty to serve guests. The clocking in and clocking out of these staff can be confusing and also inaccurate due to human errors, as well as intentional errors such as buddy punching.

The group then approached Newvision Systems & Resources, our local reseller for a solution. Understanding the clients needs, Newvision recommended FingerTec’s TA100 model due to its popularity, and also because of the extensive functions available in the bundled software, the TCMS V2.
“Lately, FingerTec has really emerged as an international brand of biometric products, with high quality & reliability. Bundled with the powerful TCMS software, its stylish design and continuous support and updates, FingerTec offers a complete solution at a competitive price,” commented Newvision Managing Director, Mr. Gan Lai Huat.

Newvision then proceeded to install the TA100 models in all seven hotels owned by the Euro Hotel Group. The units are installed in the lobby, to provide accessibility to all of the 30-40 staff present in each branch, and the management couldn’t be happier with the verdict. Now human resources and payroll processes of their shift and non-shift workers can be completed in a breeze from just one location, by utilizing the TCMS V2’s branch monitoring features!

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