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Monitor Tardiness with TimeTec TA App

FingerTec News | 05/05/2021
TimeTec TA App offers clocking options and a variety of features such as roster information, attendance overview, analysis, attendance approval, report, and monitoring. Monitoring is an important feature that many users might have missed out on. Therefore, in the latest TimeTec TA App update, we have added default tardiness monitoring rules for users to experience the monitoring feature first hand.
What is Tardiness Monitoring?

Tardiness Monitoring is a feature that monitors users’ attendance and notifies the recipients (superior or the user himself) whenever tardiness occur. The type of tardiness includes short hour, late-in, extended break, early-out, and absence. This feature is available for both Admin and User in the Monitoring section.

Benefits of Tardiness Monitoring
  Immediate alert for superior/user on tardiness record
  A friendlier way to remind users on self-discipline
  Ease HR/superior task on staff attendance monitoring
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