AceTeam Networks Choose TimeTec for Staff Leave Management
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Malaysia | 05/07/2020
AceTeam Networks is fulfilling its objective to become a people centric company and is ready to take IT beyond its customers. To define, this company is hoping to not limit its development to only technologies but to firm the ground as a proactive outsourcing partner and a service provider. Having to deliver its commitment to multiple industry players, these partnerships have proven AceTeam Networks' offerings with supreme industry recognition. Today, AceTeam Networks is fitting into the industry as one of the go-to-service brands for technology consultation, network infrastructure & security optimization and IT services management.

Despite these day-to-day IT service delivery may seem effortless for such a cadre of professionals, the exponential growth of workforce to meet critical demands of clients and business opportunities is prompting the management's course of action on improving internal workforce system for better operation processes.
Over the years, AceTeam Networks has developed a scalable network to maintain its organization's network and productivity for guaranteed service levels.
Hired only skilled workers to stabilize the operations with proactive support models for clients, AceTeam Networks always ensure that their investment of time, efforts and money suits immediate and future needs.
A trusted technology partner which they are proudly known for, AceTeam Networks wants to create not only a secure service system for its client and a safe environment for its member of staff, but also a flexible management system which all employees would be happy to practice together.
Accumulated Leave Applications Systematic e-Leave Applications
Inapplicable Work from Home Application Anywhere Anytime Submission of Work from Home Application
Manual Updates of Leave Entitlements & Balances Automatic Updates of Leave Entitlements & Balances
Long Approval Time Instant Approval from Superior(s) by Notifications
Misplacing and Misfiling Staff Leave Submission Highly Accessible Portal for Leave Info Tracking
With TimeTec Leave, the staff are now capable of making appropriate time-off for annual leave. It is super easy for employers to process labour arrangement and for employees to manage their ready-to-use leave. Most of all, AceTeam Networks has certainly saved up extra costs on furthering the search of better leave management systems.
TimeTec seeks for constant improvement on its solutions and strives to upgrade users' experience over time. Joining the integration of TimeTec Leave cloud-based leave management system gives you more than you would ask for!

AceTeam Networks has succeeded. How about you?
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