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PappaRich Surfing To New Heights With TimeTec TA
Global News (Asia & Australasia)
Australia | 05/10/2018
If you’re into the exotic Malaysian Cuisine; sure enough, the name PappaRich would most certainly popped up into your mind as the brand today is synonymous with bringing the Malaysian experience all over the world through the enjoyment of its carefully crafted food and homely ambience. Starting with a simple idea to create a modern version of the traditional coffee shops in Malaysia, the company has since gained huge success and is now setting up new branches across the world.

Like many other organizations operating within the Food Industry, management is key in ensuring that the operations are carried out at full force. Therefore, a simple workforce solution is no longer applicable for a big franchise such as PappaRich. Hence, PappaRich Surfer’s Paradise has selected our Smart Time Attendance Solution, known as TimeTec TA to be the next step-up for their workforce.

Through TimeTec TA cloud-based design, the management at PappaRich could easily monitor their staffs’ attendances even though they are situated across different countries. What’s even better is that all these can be achieved right from the Smartphones. Using the App, employers can access their staffs’ records and view the performances achieved thus far as well as create effective schedules for their international workforce. Managing employees can be difficult even for small companies especially when it involves disciplinary issues but with the help of TimeTec TA, all counterproductive work behaviours will be a thing of the past.
PappaRich Surfer’s Paradise, which is one of its first Gold Coast (Australia) venue, has since subscribed to TimeTec TA and has been enjoying the convenience provided by our Smart Solution. Additionally, the company has also acquired our sophisticated biometric terminal, Face ID 4 to be used alongside TimeTec TA; installed by our Australia Reseller, BioAccSys Australia. It’s great to see that our Smart Solutions are being supported by a Malaysian company even at the international level and we are likewise happy to assist PappaRich vision to go global. For more information about TimeTec TA and FingerTec Biometric Terminals, click on the links below.
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