QF Master Possible Installations
QF Master Possible Installations
  QF Master
accomplishes the most remarkable swift identity verification with the shortest halt possible.
FingerTec News | 05/11/2019
Introducing the TimeTec QF Master with two credential verification methods:

+ =
Face Master   QR code   QF Master

In the past several years, facial recognition software has been ushered into the marketplace as one of the best advancements for authentification used. This system uses biometrics to map facial features, compares with database templates, verifies personal identity and stores registration data.

Indeed, this is a sophisticated surveillance technique that is way more accurate than the human eye. Master in authentication to enhance safety matters, identify and analyze patterns with consummate skill.

Its increasing popularity increases the deployment, basically, everywhere.

This certainly does not restrict to only business premises and residential. Indubitably, TimeTec QF Master is one most effectual protection products against identity fraud and manipulative facial images.
Here comes a list of examples of all possible installation locations that can employ QF Master as a service:

Airports Dentists Post office
Bar Factories Private spaces
Barracks Gas stations Prison
Barrier gates Government buildings Public libraries
Cafes Gym Restaurants
Car parks Hotels Shops
Chapels/Churches Hospitals Shopping centers
Clinics Internet cafes Skyscrapers
Clubs Modern marketplaces Stadiums
Construction sites Mosque entrances Train station
Courthouse Movie theatres  Turnstiles
Delivery checkpoints Open plan office Venues
TimeTec QF Master,
the Facial Recognition System Access Control for Security System

Enhanced security
Eradicate identity theft
Identification automation
Faster processing
Massive data storage
Seamless integration
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