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South Africa Provider Offers Guard Patrolling with TimeTec Patrol
Global News (Europe & Africa)
South Africa | 03/04/2020

Zamatrack begins its provision of service with guard tour and workforce management solutions. Establishing as one of the most trustable security services providers in South Africa, the company has quickly undergone an increased business by stepping up the game with extensive patrolling service.

Zamatrack puts in place its guard tour services with TimeTec Patrol for a streamlined security work process. Seizing the benefits TimeTec Patrol can deliver, the management team has succeeded its guard tour services with a modernization of the patrolling system. Thus, solidifying brand identities to customers.

One department store located in South Africa has approached Zamatrack to perform security service to shape a more secure environment for employees and customers in the long run. They have decided to induce this satisfaction through the deployment of Zamatrack's trustworthy brand impression on guard tour services. After integrating with TimeTec Patrol, Zamatrack is no longer offering the custom of services. Instead, the guard tour services are now equipped with a systematic system whereby daily patrolling activities at customer sites can be monitored and tracked at the most efficient manner. This not only safeguards customers' interest but also give the company protection proof of services.

This department store requires six patrolling per day. However, with only two guards hired at the premises, it becomes challenging to monitor, trace and ensure the command of work is being fulfilled.

With TimeTec Patrol, RFID reader is substituted by NFC tags, installed at ten specified locations serving as the checkpoints for guards to scan with the TimeTec Patrol smartphone application.

With TimeTec Patrol, guards' routes & schedules can be configured in the system. Reduce excuses for tardiness and absences. All location, date and time can be easily viewed and accessed via the mobile application.

With TimeTec Patrol, any Android devices with NFC capability will be granted the flexibility to access the Patrol portal to view and check records of route duration, tardiness, absences etc.

This has eased the work for guards. Consequently, benefitting the authorities from receiving real-time clocking data of each checkpoint for monitoring and reporting purposes.
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