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South American Shipping Country Sealed
with FingerTec
by Ms. Regielou Rolloque, Sales Manager (South/Central American Region), FingerTec Worldwide
Naviera Transoceánica S.A.C. is one of the most important shipping companies in Peru and in South America, with a large fleet of merchant ships. It is Peru's leading shipping company with a tradition of over 50 years in the service of domestic shipping.
The office of Naviera Transoceánica S.A.C. at Edificio Macros in Lima, Peru
Bioequipamientos, our FingerTec reseller in Peru, was involved in the implementation of an access system in Naviera Transoceánica S.A.C. The FingerTec installation was completed in May of this year in the office of Naviera Transoceánica S.A.C. at Edificio Macros in Lima, Peru. The entrances of the office were equipped with FingerTec H2i, while the exit readers were the i-Kiosk 100. It was requested by the client that the installation be made this way as they required the use of the function keys on the i-Kiosk 100 for event logging and intermediate exits.
The installation was performed on the two double-doors of the office which were made of tempered glass. Mr. Luis Sanchez, the General Manager of Bioequipamientos, mentioned that the installation was a little tricky since the office architecture was designed like a boat-like structure, meaning that most of its surface consisted of wood veneer. However, their technicians managed to make it an impeccable installation and that the elegant and striking colors of the i-Kiosk 100 screen reader helped much, as it went well with the design of the office.
The front door has a wood veneer, thus an adjustment is made on the recessed doorway secured by accessories made of steel so that the electromagnets don't add extra weight.
The interior view of the front door.
To date, the FingerTec H2i and i-Kiosk 100 devices have presented no problems and the system works perfectly. With the help of the TCMS V2, the shipping company can now easily process the attendance and whereabouts of their staff, which is rather helpful in an industry which requires a lot of staff mobility. Mr. Sanchez continued to add that Naviera Transoceánica S.A. plans to install FingerTec across its fleet of merchant ships to control its staff assistance at sea sometime in the future.
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