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FingerTec News | 04/05/2018
Start WiFi Clocking With TimeTec TA App
In addition to the Time Beacon and GPS Clocking that are included in the App, TimeTec TA is offering one more additional clocking for its users: WiFi Clocking. With this added feature, employees can clock-in via smartphone on any location within the office that has an Internet connection installed along with its respective Checkpoint ID.
How this works is that the Admins will first have to add a WiFi Checkpoint in regards to their office WiFi before their employees can make use of this particular feature.
Once done, the Admins can then begin assigning users (employees) with the added checkpoint in order to allow this clocking method to be used.
For extra security and accuracy, employees will only be able to carry out WiFi Clocking if they are connected to the Internet that has been established as the checkpoint.
TimeTec TA is a cloud-based time attendance solution that is designed to help businesses of all sizes to reduce their administrative overhead by eliminating the time spent on manual time card calculations, decrease overall labour costs as well as shrink the gap between payroll policy and actual practice.
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