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IPED Guyana Joins Other NPOs in Using A Better Workforce System for FREE
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Guyana | 04/10/2019
Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization recognized as an institution of national character providing business guidance, technical assistance, training and finance to micro and small business entrepreneurs in Guyana.

The organization was established in 1985, October 2nd, as the Institute of Small Enterprise Development Ltd, and changed its name to IPED on 1st September 1991.

IPED is the oldest and the largest microfinance institution in Guyana that covers all ten administrative regions of the country.

IPED offers various loans micro boost, micro, small, and medium credit to finance very small to medium size business owners who might not have access to formal banking systems in our country. IPED services include equipping entrepreneurs with the tools they need to operate their business successfully. Upon the disbursement of a loan to the client, we also ensure they receive business guidance, technical assistance, and training until that loan has matured.

IPED has operated for more than 33 years, supporting more than 4,000 enterprises and 40% of IPED loan recipients are women.

For the outstanding work offered to the community, IPED has been chosen to be the latest recipient of TimeTec CSR Program for NPO.
Loan Training and Supervision By IPED Team
Currently, IPED is using the FingerTec AC100C Terminal with Ingress for Time and Attendance Management for only employees designated at the head office, which is around 45 employees. This organization also has multiple small branches around the country that caters to about 100 employees. However, the employees in other locations are submitting their attendance data manually.

Fingerprint Time & Attendance System

  FingeTec AC100C
TimeTec TA is the perfect tool for the organization to centralize the attendance data from all the outstation branches and the headquarters in one solution. IPED also intends to promote TimeTec TA to companies under their care, as a tool that is useful to manage the everyday task excellently.
TimeTec TA

TimeTec Mobile tracks and manages attendance on your mobile, the perfect fit for today's lifestyle.

  TA Mobile App
Other NPOs and NGOs that are interested to deploy TimeTec Cloud-Based solution for attendance, click this link and connect with us.

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