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TimeTec Patrol Keeps An Eye on Henry Moore Foundation Patrol Guards
Global News (Europe & Africa)
United Kingdom | 05/01/2021

The Henry Moore Foundation is a foundation that supports innovative sculpture projects, devise an imaginative programme of exhibitions and research worldwide, and preserve the legacy of Henry Moore, one of the most important British artists of the twentieth century, who is renowned for his semi-abstract monumental bronzes, which can be seen all over the world.

The Foundation runs two venues, in Leeds and Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, showing a mix of Moore's own work and other sculpture. The Foundation also fund a variety of sculpture projects through our Henry Moore Grants and Research programmes and have a world-class collection of artworks which regularly tour both nationally and internationally.

The vastness of the exhibition sites makes it crucial for the management to have a system that can trace the visibility of the security guards on patrol duty. The current manual system they have do not provide them with details of the guards' activities at all, and the guards can report anything in the logbook without having to verify it with anyone. The inefficiency of the manual monitoring system requires for an immediate upgrade.

To automate patrolling activities, Henry Moore Foundation subscribes to TimeTec Patrol, a cloud-based solution that traces the whereabouts of the guards on duty using a smartphone App.

When the settings of the schedule are done in the web portal, and guards assigned with a smartphone installed with TimeTec Patrol App, the guard has to tap NFC checkpoints using the phone to have the time data and location sent to the server, visible to the management.

Not only that management can track the location of the guards on duty, but guards also can report incidents directly to their supervisor or management using the same App instantaneously. Snap a photo, and attach or record an incident as a proof, the file can be sent straight to the server in real-time.

The application of TimeTec Patrol on Henry Moore Foundation's security guards has provided them with an automated system to carry out their duty better.
TimeTec Patrol Easy 3-Step Implementation
One guard license is only USD24/year
Step 1
Get NFC tag
Step 2
Assign Guard to Patrol Schedules
Step 3
Start Monitoring Patrolling Activities with Complete Report
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