Trio Group Timing with Smart Solutions
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Malaysia | 05/03/2019
Trio Group has been in business since 1993 with the establishment of Trio Auto Accessories Sdn. Bhd. The business has grown exponentially over the years adding more diversified businesses to it portfolio of companies. Currently, Trio Group is made up of 8 channeling-specialist companies that deal with air conditioners, home electrical appliances, auto accessories, car alarms and security systems, full suite of sound systems and equipment as well as multimedia audio gadgets for smartphones and computers.

Given the size and scope of Trio Groups day-to-day operations, they were having considerable challenges with tracking employee movements such as technicians on the move as they were using a punch card system. These workforce challenges were further amplified by the amount of time it took them to conduct their payroll exercises as they had to transfer all data from the Punch Card to HR2000 which would mean a transfer of paperwork to Excel files.

Our TimeTec TA was a perfect fit for their predicament as the GPS clocking feature allows the management to keep track of the location of their technicians and other workers throughout the work day with ease. Further, our TimeTec Leave calendar feature made it easier for the management to know which of their workers were available for that particular day without the need of making multiple phone calls, everything was available within a few button presses. As an added bonus, using TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave has made their payroll function a lot more streamlined as our solution has the ability to integrate with HR2000.
TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave have been deployed in Trio Groups to improve the company’s process and operation. TimeTec solutions also support other clocking methods such as Web Clocking, Time Beacon, NFC Tags and GPS Clocking for its attendance clocking. Browse our website for more information on how this solution can work for you, also do drop us an inquiry at and we will be happy to assist you.