Triple-A Intelligent Solutions is TimeTec Distributor in the UK
Global News (Europe & Africa)
United Kingdom | 05/03/2021
In February 2021, TimeTec finalized the deal with AAA Intelligent Solutions, a company located in Kent, to act as a TimeTec Distributor, to market TimeTec cloud solutions in the United Kingdom.

AAA Intelligent Solutions is a leading technology solutions provider based in the UK, with subsidiaries in the Middle East and India. Rob Clifford, the Founder, started offering technology solutions for Time & Attendance back in the 1990s, initially for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises and larger organizations both in the UK and overseas. Within AAA ("Triple-A") is a wealth of experience and knowledge on every aspect of Time & Attendance or workforce management. Adding to this is its focus on ensuring clients receive the best onboarding and ongoing and receiving the best possible customer and user experience.

Over the years, AAA has encouraged innovation, sustainability, and collaboration to provide its clients with exactly what they want and more. According to Rob, integration and retrofitting are keys for AAA, whether this links a Time & Attendance to a third party system such as access control, visitor management and asset management, or merely implementing efficient processes to obtain the clients' objectives.

Rob came across TimeTec's associate company, FingerTec, for many years while working in the Middle East. "In 2019, we were looking for a full cloud-based Time & Attendance system for the growing

clients and reseller channel and, on doing our research and due diligence, chose TimeTec in early 2020." TimeTec is seen as the best fit as a partner for AAA. "We were looking for an all-round, flexible, feature-rich, fully cloud-based Time & Attendance system, with the right company behind it with regards to stability, aggressive R&D strategy and all-round great support Distributors, resellers and end-users. The system also needed to be multilingual and work across multiple time zones. And TimeTec delivers," explained Rob.

TimeTec can benefit the UK market as TimeTec is a very flexible and easy-to-use system for Time & Attendance. The features and adaptability make it suitable for all size companies, whether they have ten employees or 10,000. The pricing structure and support is transparent, and the user knows what they are getting. An experienced distribution and reseller channel provided by leading professionals within the T&A field, backed up by the manufacturer, is also a key benefit.

On the short-term plan to penetrate the market, AAA will raise market awareness via media and social media as its highest priority. "Online workshops would help reach a wider audience and deliver on the technical front, and output that Sage UK Payroll could accept would be a huge plus point," said Rob.

AAA Intelligent Solutions accept reseller applications for the UK for TimeTec solutions.