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Malaysia | 05/03/2019
Country Garden Diamond City is a 5-star high end development project by Country Garden, one of Forbes Asia’s Fab Top 30 companies that is listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange since 2007. Country Garden have been in business since 1992 and currently boasts an impressive market capitalisation of over US $8 Billion; with more than 200 high-end townships throughout Malaysia, China and Australia to name a few. The latest, Valencia is one of the most premium additions in this area and i-Neighbour is chosen to turn this neighbourhood into a smart community.

Currently, there are a total of 112 units being serviced by i-Neighbour. This means that the homeowners have access to a slew of features such as e-billing, invoices and account statements that can be viewed via the i-Neighbour app and the users can pay their bills directly through various payment gateways offered by the application.

i-Neighbour also comes with a feature where users can report any defects in their unit alongside the ability to attach photos/videos to be sent to the management office. Moving forward from submitting the reports, the homeowners will be able to view the status as well as the progress of the said reports. This gives a degree of confidence and convenience to the owners and it makes communication between the owners and management swift and more organised.
Another key feature of i-Neighbour is the Visitor Management System. This has proved useful with its ability to register the multitude of daily visitors ranging from friends, family, contractors, drop offs, pick ups and other visitors. With our quick check system in flow, visitors can be checked and verified quickly which results in lower traffic build up and ensure movement through the guardhouse is smooth and organised.The guardhouse is also equipped with i-Neighbours i-Vizit Guard House Panel, a smooth and easy-to-use tablet that pairs with the Visitor Management System and the i-Vizit app which enables visitor registration to be completed in less than 30 seconds.
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Valencia has both the charm of a gorgeous and desirable township as well as being up in modern times with an amazing smart community system. For more information on i-Neighbour and our other offerings at TimeTec, click the links below and you can also email us at and we will get in touch with you the soonest.