TimeTec TA Developer Program
Terms & Conditions
  TimeTec TA Developer Program
  TimeTec TA API is free-of-charge for TimeTec TA customers only, no subscription fee is required to join the TimeTec TA Developer Program. You’ll need to have an admin account in TimeTec TA to be eligible to access the Program.
  TimeTec TA Developer Program offers customers access to our Resource Center, User Manual, Useful Tips, Sample Code and API at no additional charge.
  TimeTec TA Developer Program provides customers help on basic technical issues and guidance to assist them in their initial integration.
  Continuous technical support is not included, but for customers who want us to provide further support on their software development, TimeTec Developer Premium Support Program is available for them to subscribe.
TimeTec TA Developer Premium Support Program
  TimeTec TA Developer Premium Support Program covers development and production issues for API products and services, along with other key stack components:
 • "How to" questions about TimeTec TA API services and features
 • Best practices to help you successfully integrate, deploy, and manage applications with TimeTec TA.
 • Troubleshooting API and TimeTec TA API issues
 • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with TimeTec TA API resources
 • Issues with our Management Console or other TimeTec TA API tools
  TimeTec TA Developer Premium Support Program does not include:
 • Code development
 • Debugging custom and third party software
 • Performing system administration tasks and configuration
  Each subscription will entitle the user for a 12-month access to TimeTec TA Developer Premium support and services.
  No monetary refunds will be given upon cancellation of subscription.
  Payments for subscriptions are to be made via PayPal.