TimeTec Smart License Plate Recognition LPR is an ultramodern technology, incorporating Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and LPR camera to convert a scanned image into a readable alphanumeric text at a greatest accuracy. The system is designed to integrate with cloud-based TimeTec Visitor Management System and i-Neighbour Smart Community System to ease entries and exits of vehicles to an enclave. Pre-register authorized vehicles’ plate numbers to the system and when any of the authorized vehicles approaches the security barrier, it will open automatically and the system will record an audit trail for every single entry and exit. The TimeTec Smart LPR system is also formulated to capture visitor’s vehicle number plates as additional visitor information for extra security measure of a neighbourhood or an office building. TimeTec Smart LPR improves your quality of life, upgrades your safety, and provides you with convenience without compromising your sanctuary.
•   Deep Learning technology is constantly improving and evolving
•   Reliability Rate at 95%
•   Processing time of 100ms (Based 15 processor, 4GB RAM on Windows 7, 8 or 10
•   2-line Plates Recognition is available
•   Reliability is assured for each character and plate
•   Reading from memory, BMP or JPG formats
•   Hardware independent (cameras, frame-grabbers, and etc.)
•  Instant integration with IP cameras (5MP resolution, ONVIF compliant)
•   Effective distance 1.2 m
•   Extreme perspective correction
•   Shorten vehicle access processing time
•   Enhance effectiveness of existing security system
•   Efficient and convenient post-event analysis
•   Compatible to integrate with i-Neighbour, TimeTec VMS & TimeTec Access