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i-Kiosk 100 Plus
i-Kiosk 100
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29 June, 2009
TCMS V2.2 software updates
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17 June, 2009
TA100T added
Q2i & TA200 Plus added
R2i added
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24 June, 2009
TA100T added
R2i added
The optical prism is layered by a silicon coating to enhance the fingerprint image during fingerprint reading.
TA100DIY, a concept realized, the world’s leading CRM (Customer Relation Management) system that we’re currently using, puts emphasize on “NO SOFTWARE” in their sales strategy....
R2 - R2i is now available for order!
R2i is the latest product from FingerTec, a slave fingerprint reader commonly used as OUT reader. Installation of R2i mostly done inside to get verification before user is allowed to exit....
FingerTec Introduces Slave Readers
Master/slave is a model for communication protocol in which one device (master) controls one or more other devices or processes (known as slaves). Once the master/slave relationship....
All consignments from FingerTec are now covered by insurance
Starting June 15 2009, all outbound consignments from FingerTec Worldwide are covered by insurance....
Frequently asked questions about FingerTec products
This document serves to familiarize our resellers with the Frequently Asked Questions received from our customers worldwide....
Does the current crisis represent a weakness of the market economy?
The recent and ongoing economic turmoil initiated by the crises in the American sub-prime and finance markets has been seen....
New Sales Manager Appointed
FingerTec Worldwide is delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Tew Bee Lay to the position of Sales Manager starting July 2009....
FingerTec Enters Ethiopia
FingerTec partner in Ethiopia, Creative Computers Systems PLC showcased FingerTec products at the Information and Communication Technology Exhibition 2009.
FingerTec Permeates The Budding Venezuelan Market
According to Wikipedia, the most popular and widely accepted story about the origin of the name of the country, Venezuela....
South Africa
FingerTec SA Featured FingerTec In Securex 2009
Once again FingerTec SA participated in Securex, Africa’s largest security exhibition held in Johannesburg from 30th of June to 2nd of July....
FingerTec In Djibouti
SansFil Net-Djibouti is the recognized leader in IT and security system in the country of Djibouti. The company specializes in products and solutions that provide effortless and economical sharing....
Lithuania / Uzbekistan
FingerTec Found Partners for Lithuania, Latvia and Uzbekistan
On 1st July 2009, SS Solutions Ltd signed with FingerTec Worldwide Sdn Bhd for exclusive distributorship of Lithuania and Latvia....
Hong Kong
Successful Launch Event For Q2i and R2i in Hong Kong
On 30th June 2009, FingerTec Worldwide Ltd in Hong Kong had successfully held a launch event for Q2i and R2i at Mobicon office in San Po Kong.
Installation of FingerTec at Kraftangan Malaysia Headquarters
Recently, FingerTec Worldwide through its local distributor, Excels System Sdn Bhd, partnered with their dealer have successfully installed....
28-30 July 09, Miami, USA Booth no. 724
FingerTec will be participating in this year's America's Fire and Security Expo (AFSE), which will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, in Miami-USA...
24-26 Aug 09, Sydney, Australia Booth no. J56
FingerTec will be showcasing its fingerprint products at the Security 2009, held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre from 24th-26th August 2009. Security 2009...
12-15 October 09, Hong Kong Booth no. 11P10
On 12th to 15th October 2009, FingerTec will be at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong, to participate in the China Sourcing Fair 2009. This fair is a specialized sourcing event for importers...
CEO - Traveling Mind
DIY Concept on FingerTec
My 8 years old daughter offered her helping hands to assemble the DIY (Do-it-yourself) bookshelf that I bought from IKEA.
Marketing Manager - I'm Verified
Twittering Business
It’s amazing how people are craving for attention these days. Even rock stars cannot escape the current waves.
Login of Head of Department into TCMS v2 Viewer
You can allow the head of department to access into TCMS
PoE Device
Power over Ethernet or PoE technology describes a system to transfer electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over
Iniciar una sesión en el Visualizador de TCMS v2 como Jefe de Departamento
Puede permitir al jefe del departamento a acceder al Visualizador de TCMS v2 utilizando su contraseña individual. Puede acceder al
visualizador para ver y verificar los datos de la asistencia de los usuarios bajo de su departamento. Siga los siguientes pasos para configurarlo. En TCMS V2, asegúrese de que haya asignado los usuarios al mismo departamento. Por ejemplo, los usuarios # 2, # 4 y # 5 se asignan bajo del Departamento....
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