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i-Kiosk 100 Plus
i-Kiosk 100
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28 September, 2009
Kadex & i-Kadex brochure in Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified
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23 September, 2009
i-Kadex warranted part updates
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11 September, 2009
Keylock manual: Chinese Tranditional, Chinese Simplified & Italian
Meeting rooms in FingerTec headquarters are named after Greek philosophers and their concept of branding.
Permission Marketing
One might think a notion of forced marriage has vanished, and marriage is supposed to be union of loves, after acquaintances and long enough get together. Still, some parents might trade their
New Features of FingerTec®
TCMS V2.2.005

The new TCMS v2.2 is now loaded with new feature to comply with Portugal’s new labour law. In the new labour law of Portugal....
FingerTec® Terminals Only Accepts Linux Kernel 2.4.x USB Flash Disk
Recently we received feedbacks from the market that generic USB flash disk does not work with FingerTec® terminals...
FingerTec® Application Solution Series - Foreign Workers Manageme-nt System
Professional and semi-skilled foreign workers are important in many sectors of various industries....
New Firmware Update for i-Kiosk 100 / Q2i / TA200 Plus
A new firmware for i-Kiosk 100/ Q2i/ TA200 Plus is ready to download here. This firmware is intended to improve the operations....
Hari Raya Celebration At FingerTec
Muslims around the world are celebrating Syawal this year at the end of September and it’s a month celebration. It’s called Hari Raya in Malaysia, Eid in many Middle East countries....
Hidden Discount on FingerTec Products Stemming from Inflation
Inflation is an economic factor that is very close to each individual since almost everyone is affected by it. Other economic factors are less noticed....
Exportech Pushing Through Despite The Crisis
When the economic crisis hits the business world a few months ago, the effects blanketed the globe; buyers have less buying power and....
3Pointech - Advancing Technology With FingerTec
It’s been two months since the NFPA’s America’s Fire & Security Expo was held in Miami. Exhibitors and visitors came and went but for those....
The Hard Work Pays off for Time & Speed In Zambia
When Time & Speed started with FingerTec in South Africa in 2006, they had no plan to go to another country to market an international brand....
Scolarium Sells FingerTec In Morocco
As a renowned supplier for the latest technologies, Scolarium is always looking for high-technology products from reputable manufacturers in the field of computing, security and communications....
New Vision Markets DigiPay In the South
New Vision System & Resources Sdn Bhd joined as a FingerTec reseller for south of Malaysia, particularly in the state of Johor since three years..
12-15 Oct 09, Hong Kong
Booth no. 11P10
On 12th to 15th October 2009, FingerTec will be at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong, to participate in the China Sourcing Fair 2009. This fair is a specialized sourcing event for importers...
29-31 Oct 09, India  
FingerTec will be participating in the IFSEC INDIA from October 29-31, 2009 at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. FingerTec will be represented by Compax Industrial Systems Pvt Ltd....
10-12 Nov 09, Malaysia
Booth no. B2075
FingerTec will once again participate in the INTRADE Malaysia 2009. The INTRADE Malaysia 2009 is organised by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)....
20-22, Nov, India
Booth no. 1N89
FingerTec will be participating in the China Sourcing Fair Bombay 2009, which will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre on 20th - 22nd November 2009. China Sourcing Fair is well known....
CEO - Traveling Mind
Learn From History
A Feng Shui master friend of mine, who immigrated to Singapore since three years ago, told me it is easier to make....
Marketing Manager - I'm Verified
One FingerTec,
One Malaysia

“Are you a Chinese?” a client asked. The answer is obvious to Malaysians but not for foreigners.
Using Com Key To Limit Connection of TCMS V2 to FingerTec® Terminals
Procesador de Datos de FingerTec® (FTDP)
Anteriormente, el integrador de sistemas o un desarrollador de software debía utilizar el
BioBridge SDK para desarrollar la solución o un software para los usuarios. El BioBridge SDK es un comando API para comunicarse con las terminales FingerTec®. Un integrador de sistemas o un desarrollador del software tenía que estudiar el Biobridge SDK antes de que pudiera empezar a desarrollar o hacer la personalización. Por lo tanto se desarrolla el FTDP para facilitar el trabajo del integrador de sistemas o un desarrollador de software....
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