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The Benefits for Recruitment Companies
FingerTec News | 05/11/2019
International Labour Organization Statistics revealed that slightly more than 172 million people globally were unemployed in 2018. But the question is, with a sheer number of job vacancies posted daily, yet, recruiting matters are still up in the air. In recent years, it is not uncommon to come across businesses approach recruitment companies for their professional resolution of all hiring matters.

Considering to have the right fit in the right team with the proper working relationship is of foremost company importance. Businesses who once halt before the doorstep of recruitment agencies no longer perceive them as organizations that only attempt to squander on administering unnecessary outlay.

As most businesses grow in time, hiring becomes an arduous journey where they fear of drowning over and over again in the candidates’ sea of sameness without having a pool of qualified job applicants to scroll on the list. Recruitment companies are pledged to expedite organization succession pool by bringing in talented people to help others grow.
What are the chances that these recruitment companies have formed a meaningful part of their clients’ success?
How considerate can a recruitment company be if you do not know how they work to reach out to your potential talents or prospective employees?
That said, an efficient recruitment management system like no others, TimeTec Hire. This management system offers a complete recruitment process that builds to serve businesses across different fields with a varied background in a seamless way possible.

Move on from the conventional style, Welcome the new era with open arms
General recruitment comprises five key strict phases, though it may vary from company to company depending on the size of the company, organizational structure, and nature of operations. Why not help your clients to create their organization-specific sourcing model when this becomes an option?
Recruitment Platform Advanced with TimeTec Hire
Customize Checkpoints
Recruiters can set up hiring processes based on clients’ determined requirement and demands
Effective Talent Search Funnel
Simplified hiring cycle from applicants screening to shortlisting to interviewing and to onboarding
Centralized Database
Candidates’ application submission and assessment are stored in one centralized system
Transparent Collaboration
Open-source approach between recruiters, employers, and candidates benefit work productivity and leads to a more positive outcome
4 KPIs for Recruitment Companies
High Performance
Centralize Process and Automated System
Strengthen Recruiting Operation
High ROI Solution
Time, Cost and Resources Efficiency
Value-added Management Strategy
High Scalability
Hiring Workflow Customization
Responsive Cloud-based Server
High Desirability
Focused Talent Pool
High Clients’ Satisfaction
We invite Recruitment companies to collaborate with TimeTec Hire for better recruitment management.
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